Delivery by regular mail

We ship our hats to any country of the world by regular mail. Sending one parcel (including one or several hats) costs, on the average, $13 to $20. This price includes packaging, mailing by regular mail, and our processing services. After we ship the parcel, we will send you the number of your mailing so that you can track it on the web site of Russian Post. Shipping prices may be amended depending on the pricing policy of Russian Post and/or other national postal services. If you have any questions about the availability of a specific hat or about the status of your order, write to us at shop@schapka.ruor, if you can speak Russian, call one of the phone numbers found on the Contacts page.

While we feel that the delivery by regular mail is the best option for the majority of our foreign customers, please remember that if you have a friend or relative living in Moscow, additional delivery options are available for residents of Moscow or other Russian cities (including in-store pickup, COD mailings, or courier delivery). You may find it more convenient to ask your friend to pick up a hat for you and bring it to you during his or her next visit to your country.



Payments by PayPal, including paying with Visa and Master Card cards via PayPal (the card(s) must be linked to your PayPal account).

Many customers of our store feel that this is the most convenient option, since they already have and use PayPal accounts. You  can pay from your PayPal account balance or  from your bank account tied to the PayPal account, and, of course, you can pay with your credit or debit card linked to your PayPal account. All payments are processed in US dollars, but if your card and/or account uses a different currency, it is not a problem: your currency will be automatically converted into USD in accordance with the current corporate exchange rate. 

Payments via the Paymaster digital payment system


Paymaster offers quite a few payment options, incluidng, most importantly, payments with your debit or credit cards:

Paying by a debit or credit card

Paying with the WebMoney digital wallet

Paying via the Alfa-Click Internat Bank

Paying via the web site of VTB24 bank

Paying via the Euroset network

Paying via the Svyaznoy network

Paying via the Svyaznoy Bank,

And other methods.

Of course, the most convenient payment option for the majority of our foreign customers is to pay with a credit or debit card. Most other options offered by Paymaster are intended primarily for the residents of Russia. 

Other options.

People who live in Russia and, especially, in Moscow, have additional payment option, including paying COD for purchases delivered by regular mail, and paying cash to the courrier.


If you have any questions about payments, e-mail us or, if you  can speak fluent Russian, call +7-903-219-2855

Please remember that your purchase will be mailed to you only after you have fully paid for the purchase and shipping.