Privacy Policy

As a part of our customer service, we need to collect certain personal information about your address and contact options. The reason for that is obvious: if we don't have your address, we cannot deliver your purchases, and if we don't know your e-mail and/or phone number, then we won't be able to inform you, for example, that your parcel has been shipped. All private information that our customers entrust to us is treated by us as strictly confidential, and we will never disclose it to any third party unless required to do so by a court order or by proper authorities.

What kind of information do you collect and keep?

Essentially, any information that you provide when you create your profile, including your mailing address, contact e-mail and phone number(s). We also keep track of your purchase and return history as well as information about any gift vouchers you may have used, etc. The registration process is completely voluntary. When you fill in data in the required fields during the registration or fast checkout process, we assume that you give us your consent to use these data for the purpose of providing your with customer service. We also assume that you understand that we will keep a record of your purchases and returns, etc.

What about the credit card information?

All payments, including those made with credit or debit cards, are processed by third party operators, such as PayPal or Our web store have no access to your bank card information whatsoever.

Is my personal information secure?

It is our policy to never disclose any private infomation of our customers to any third parties. We take all reasonable measures to protect and safeguard your private information. Under no circumstances we will sell or otherwide distribute your information to any third parties. What is entrusted to us in confidence, remains confidential. 

What if I no longer want my information to be stored on your web site?

You can delete some of the information (e.g. your mailing address) in the appropriate part of your profile. If you want to cancel your account completely and remove all your data from our web site, please write to us.