Returns and Exchanges 

New Merchandise Return Period

Any new hat may be returned for any reason at all (provided that the hat has not been damaged by the buyer and is returned in the same condition that it has been bought or delivered in, i.e. without any signs of wear or use):

  • within 14 after it was bought at our offline store or delivered by the offline store delivery person to a customer in Moscow (the customer must have a passport),
  • within 15 days after a hat purchased from the Web store was delivered by mail.

How to Return a Hat

If It Has Been Bought at the Store or Delivered by Our Delivery Person

If you want to return a hat that you bought at the store or from the delivery person, you will need the following:

  •   the cash register receipt that you received while buying the merchandise,
  •   the merchandise itself,
  •   a photo ID (a passport)

Make sure you have all of the above, and come to the store during working hours.

If It Has Been Delivered by Mail

If you with to return a hat that has been bought from the Web store and been delivered by mail, you need to get in touch with the store. You can either e-mail us or, if you can speak Russian, you can try and reach the manager by calling one of the phones found on the Contacts page to notify us of your desire to return the hat. While you do not have to state the reason why you are returning the hat, we would appreciate if you do so, because knowing the reason for a return will help us to improve our service. The manager will let you know if you need to fill out a return application form. If requested, please fill out the form and e-mail it to the manager for verification.

After it has been confirmed that you are may return your hat, you will need to do the following:

  • If you have been asked to fill out a return application form and it has been checked by the manager, print out and sign the form; otherwise, just print out and sign a free-form letter stating your desire to return the merchandize;
  • Put the form or the letter in a mail box, along with:

- the invoice that has been sent to you along with the merchandise,
- the cash register receipt that you received with the merchandise (it is usually stapled to the invoice)
- the merchandise itself.

Send all of the above to the following address: 

Vyacheslav Vasilyevich Opolsky

ul. Generala Belova 55, kv.188  


Russian Federation



It may be a good idea to consult the web site of your national mail service to find out about various tariffs and mailing options. Remember, in most cases the merchandise is returned at the expense of the buyer, so it would make sense for you to select an inexpensive mailing option. Use mailing box that will prevent the hat from being damaged. You can use the original box in which the hat was mailed to you or a similarly-sized box bought at your local post office.


How Fast is the Money Returned

  • If you return your merchandise directly at the store, you normally get your money back within 10 minutes.  If you want the money returned in a digital form or to your credit card etc., the delay may be a bit longer, but in no case it will not exceed 3 days.
  • When you return mail-delivered merchandise, we will send your money back (by the method you have indicated) within one to five days after we have received the parcel with the returned merchandise. Please note that additional delay may be caused by your bank or the payment system you are using.

Any Other Questions?

If you have any questions at all, write to us at

If you are a fluent Russian speaker, call the store’s delivery department phones: 
+7 (903) 2192855 or +7 (909) 9739966.
We are sorry, but currently we have no fluent English speakers on staff.

Warranty Returns

Our hats come with a six-months warranty. That means that if your hat came with some manufacturer’s defects, poor workmanship, poor or defective materials, etc., then, after our experts examine the hat and confirm that it originally was manufactured with a defect, you will be either paid back the price of the hat, or it will be replaced with a high-quality hat.

To return a faulty/defective hat, you will need to write to us at shop@schapka.ruproviding the information about any discovered defects, and we will advise you how to proceed with the return. Please remember that the warranty only covers new products that are defective right out of the box.