About our company

The mission of our store is to provide our customers with a wide selection of reasonably priced hats for all seasons and all tastes. Since we strive to offer the best price/quality ratio to our customers, we rigorously select only the best merchandize suppliers. At the moment, we maintain business relations with approximately thirty manufacturers of headwear. Most of our hats are made in the Krasnodar Krai, Russia. Some of the fur hats are made in Moscow, some of the sheepskin hats and caps are imported from Turkey, and a Czech company supplies us with berets.

A few words about our team:

Owner and CEO

Vyacheslav Opolsky is the owner and leader of the World of Hat web store. He has worked in the hat-selling business since early 1990s. In 1996, he moved his hat retail business to Moscow. In 2010, the World of Hats web store was founded.

As the head of our store, Vyacheslav is in charge of the hat quality control, overall management, the company development strategy and long-term planning. He is also responsible for handling claims and complaints, so if you have a complaint about something or want to propose an improvement, feel free to e-mail him at opolskiy@yandex.ru, or, if you speak Russian, even call him on the phone (the phone can be found on the Contacts page).


Svetlana Shibayeva has worked as our manager since 2011. She is always working hard to ensure that all customers of our store may enjoy the best possible service, that all hats displayed on the web site are actually available both at the web store and at our brick-and-mortar store, and that all hats delivered to online customers are exactly as advertised on the web site. She is in charge of personnel training, maintaining the inventory of the store, updating the web site with descriptions and photos of the merchandize, and book keeping.

Sales Assistant

This is Ael, our sales assistant. She really knows her stuff, and she is always willing to offer assistance and advice, because sometimes it is very difficult to select your unique style among the multitude of hats carried by our store. Thousands of the visitors of our brick-and-mortar store bought something after having talked to Ael. Many of them thanked her for her help and good advice.

Sales Manager

Our sales manager is in charge of the orders placed via the web store and the deliveries. Her name is Beka. With ample experience under her belt, she has a good knowledge of our inventory. She can help you select a hat that is just right for you or, if necessary, she may also suggest a second hat for a different situation. She can also help you to solve any payment issues. She is in charge of preparing the deliveries by a courier, as well as the packaged to be delivered via the Russian Post. She makes sure that the sized of all mailed and/or delivered hats are as ordered and paid for.