model: Splash.

Winter hat for women, made of arctic fox fur, color: blue, item: Splash. The hat clings to head, produced by stripping flat strips of fur on a knitted base. Without padding. The fur is fluffy and soft to the touch. One size item, easily stretched from 53 to 58 size. This headwear This headwear is knit-based, that is why it is well ventilated, and your head will not sweat in any weather. Store the item in inverted form, or try to avoid contact with other products - this way you can prevent fur from wrinkling.


7 200 р

Data sheet

Country of production Russia
Material arctic fox fur
Warrantee period 6 months
Size range (not the availability) Sizes 54-58 are available. Please contact us to find out if sizes 59-60 are available
Color blue
Väri sininen
Valmistusmaa Venäjä
Materiaali naalin turkista
Takuuaika 6 kuukautta
Koko taulukko (ei saatavuus) 54-58 varastossa