model: Fur-coated Ushanka.

Winter hat for men, made of muskrat fur, item: Fur-coated Ushanka. The hat is made of fur, flaps can be pulled down, quilted with polyester padding. This fur is similar to mink fur, but it is longer and soft to the touch. You can adjust the size with a drawstring. This headwear is designed for temperatures from to -4 degrees. Store the item in a paper packaging, away from heating devices.


8 000 р

Data sheet

Country of production Russia
Material muskrat fur
Warrantee period 6 months
Availability of a size adjustment system available
Size range (not the availability) 55-62
Väri tummanruskea
Valmistusmaa Venäjä
Materiaali piisamin turkista
Takuuaika 6 kuukautta
Mahdollisuus säätää kokoa varastossa
Koko taulukko (ei saatavuus) 55-62