model: Fur-coated Ushanka.

Winter hat for men, made of raccoon fur, color: natural raccoon, item: Fur-coated Ushanka. The hat has a soft shape, made by one-piece pelt. Padding quilted polyester padding, flaps with zippers. The nap on this item is about 2-3 cm height. You can adjust the size with a drawstring. This headwear is designed for temperatures from to -4 degrees. This item covers your neck, ears, cheeks, the top is wind-resistant, so your head will not freeze in cold weather and strong winds. Store the item in a paper packaging, away from heating devices.


8 900 р

Data sheet

Country of production Russia
Material raccoon fur
Warrantee period 6 months
Availability of a size adjustment system available
Size range (not the availability) 56-60 available. Contact us to find out about 61-62
Color natural raccoon
Väri aito supikoira
Valmistusmaa Venäjä
Materiaali supikoiran turkista
Takuuaika 6 kuukautta
Mahdollisuus säätää kokoa varastossa
Koko taulukko (ei saatavuus) 56-60 varastossa